eCommerce stores - Prices

“How much is all of this going to cost?”
This is probably the main question you have at this stage.

Because there is not a “one size fits all” solution when setting up an online shop it is difficult to quote an exact price until we have a better understanding of your business and what you hope to achieve by selling online.

Our preferred method of quoting is to discuss your requirements in person, which is why we prefer local businesses, however we never rule anything out.

When we state “Affordable” How does Free sound? *zero (yes £0.00) setup fees.

You could be selling online within a couple of weeks or so with no up front costs (other than the purchase of your domain name).

*Not surprisingly, we do have some terms and conditions for this offer and vacancies are limited. Contact us for more details.

Our process

This is a summary of what to expect after the initial contact by completing our questionaire.

Initial consultation

We will typically meet you at your business premises (if reasonably local) in order to get a feel for your business and the products you wish to sell online. At this meeting we will discuss the available options and go through our No Setup Fee option if applicable. Everything at this stage is on a no obligation to proceed basis for both parties.


If we both agree to proceed then work will start with the layout and design to create an ecommerce site that is unique to you and reflects your branding.

Website Review

As the website progresses we will use a temporary domain name (one of ours) so that you are able to view the ongoing process and feedback any comments so that the design can be finalised before launch on your domain name.

Website Launch

Once the site is complete and approved, then everything is transferred to your chosen domain name and the site is then ready to take orders.

Ongoing Relationship

Many web developers (in fact probably most) will charge a fee for the original design and installation of the website and then they walk away leaving you to look after the smooth running of the website. This is fine until something goes wrong (ecommerce sites are complex beasts). If the original web designer is busy on other projects then they will likely take precedence and there will be no real incentive for them to fix your site urgently as you will pay them the same hourly rate whenever they get round to it.

If the problem means customers are unable to order, then there is a financial impact of lost orders and getting the site up and running again is a priority. You could contact another web developer to fix it, but as they will not be familiar with the site code it is likley to take them longer than it would for someone that wrote the code in the first place. This would be reflected in the number of hours charged for.

What we offer though is the ongoing relationship where we look after everything for you. In the vast majority of cases we will have been alerted to a problem and fixed it before you even notice there was a problem as we have 24/7 monitoring of all of our websites from around the world with checks every 5 minutes. We all hope that nothing will go wrong and that may be the case, but if it does you are secure in the knowledge that we will fix it in a timely manner.


Please note that this is a very simplistic view of the process as most websites evolve over time and the requirements can change and new features may be required as a business grows. It is for these reasons that we only offer a complete package of developing and maintainance of the online store. This leaves the store owner free to concentrate on their own business and ship the orders from the online store whilst we ensure everything related to the store runs smoothly.

The clients that we prefer to work with are those that just need the functionality of an ecommerce store but do not want the responsibility of the initial setup and essential maintainance (e.g. security updates) or fixing things when they go wrong.

If you think that our complete solution may be of interest, then Apply now for a free no obligation consultation and if we think your business is suitable for our free start up offer then we will be in touch. We do however only have a limited number of client vacancies available due to the nature of the ongoing relationship. Preference will therefore be given to local businesses.

Apply now and you could be selling online within a couple of weeks!